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Race Truck Solutions Ltd, Thru Tone Media, Supercar Adventures, RTS Motorsport, RTS Retail and EventsOnTrack.co.uk are all part of the Race Truck Solutions Brand. We are very proud of our company, brand name and unique range of products. We work closely with a number of carefuly selected companies to help us with our services:

Creative Funding Solutions


In the race to fund your next transporter, one broker definately sits in pole position. Creative offer business funding solutions to the racing community throughout the UK.



Capify offers unsecured finance of anywhere between £3,500 - £500,000 to businesses across the UK.
They have a quick application process with access to funds within days and a 90% acceptance rate.
Contact Joanne Stubbs on 0161 870 2600
and quote "Race Truck Solutions",
She will guide you through a straight-forward online application and answer any queries you may have.

Race Cars Direct

Look out for our own banner in various publications such as racecarsdirect.com