• Barria DSP Liquid Work Mate 300ml

Barria DSP Liquid Work Mate - 300ml Pump Spray Bottle

Do your hands always look stained and dirty because of the job you do? Or are you working on the food and catering industry where you need to protect your hands from harmful substances.

Before starting any potentially hazardous job around the workshop, kitchen or caring environment apply a couple of squirts of Barria DSP to your hands. Rub it in remembering to work between the fingers and into nail beds and after 90 seconds Barria DSP will have vanished into your skin. It creates an invisible barrier to prevent substances from coming into contact with your skin.

Barria DSP Liquid Work Mate contains IRGASAN(R) DP300 importantly it is effective against a range of virus types and bacteria including Staphylococcus reducing the risk of infection. Therefore it can be used to disinfect the hands in health and food industries.

Designed to protect the skin from harmful substances such as:

  • Heavy Duty Printing Inks
  • Oils
  • Grease
  • Paint
  • Waxes
  • Tar
  • Oil
 Tools can be used without slipping and when work is completed simply wipe off the excess dirt and wash your hands in warm water. This washing will remove the dirt and grime and cleansing agents in Barria DSP but the protective layer remains active for up to six hours. For repeat cleaning during this period use a mild soap and then another squirt of Barria DSP !

For sensitive skin types use a good quality hand lotion in the evening to complete your hand care programme.

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Barria DSP Liquid Work Mate 300ml

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